Chair as a Service (CaaS) and some creative thoughts

Last week I learned about a company that develop chairs – they have built in sensors into the seating of the chair to measure movement and to inform the person sitting on the chair that he or she should change position after a certain period of time. Isn’t this crazy in a positive way?

This brings me to the world called Internet of Things which opens up amazing possibilities for the user and the development company. Imagine that every thing you use would be connected to the Internet (with capital I), even ‘things’ that are not technology enabled like the chair mentioned above.

Imagine the towel that you use for the dishes (or pans). The towel informs you when you should clean it because of too many bacteria  (I have heard you should only use it one day and then wash it?). The manufacturer of these towels would perhaps be able to send you every 2 months one new towel based on your usage – maybe you can servitize a towel?

But let’s go a step further and try to imagine all the data that would be created by all these “things” by its users – imagine that we use 200 “things” per day (clothes, desk, car, glas, pen, towel, fridge, …) and that we produce (only) 100MB per day – so one year equals (rounded) 40GB. 40GB times 1 Billion people equals 80 Billion GB or 2000.000 Terrabytes or 2000 petabyte per year or 2 Exabyte per year.

These data amounts will deliver interesting information on how we use “things” but more important, insight in perhaps diseases based on usage patterns of certain “Things”, increased government control on power supply (do you really need to wash that one towel?),  or a pair of jeans that is indicating that it should be washed because of certain bacteria on it. My imagination is too limited at the moment to see all the possibilities but it’s clear that the possibilities are endless.

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